Customer Journey to First Value with LateralCRM

From our time implementing many CRM systems, we’ve developed an implementation methodology we believe ensures our Customers reach First Value from LateralCRM as early in the onboarding process as possible.

We’ve previously highlighted the reasons why most CRM projects fail

In that post we identified the many reasons CRM projects fail, with the average statistic across all reported failure rates being 50% which is really quite awful. We also suggested that they all boil down to one true underlying cause which was a failure to reach First Value from CRM.

As such our implementation methodology is designed to reach it as soon as possible. We’ve created an infographic to highlight this.

Please feel free to download it and redistribute it amongst your network or on Social Media.

Customer Journey to First Value with LateralCRM
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If you are considering a CRM project and feel we could add value and help you reach First Value quickly. Please get in touch by visiting our LateralCRM product page: